Join the ndau affiliate program and earn.

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Join the ndau Affiliate Program and get paid when you introduce new users to ndau, a new category of digital currency dependable enough to deliver on cryptocurrency’s promise.

ndau Affiliate Program

Flexible. Adaptable. Dependable.

In 2021, over $30MM sales were generated by over 10,000 affiliates in 30+ countries who chose a path to Financial Freedom through ndau’s affiliate program.
In a world with an abundance of cryptocurrencies; here are some reasons why our affiliates chose ndau:

  • They believe the average person is sick of dealing with high bank fees, terrible interest rates and rampant inflation.
  • They believe that cryptocurrency functions best with reduced volatility.
  • They support resilient governance.
  • They are in favor of demand-driven supply.
  • They think earning yields is the future of crypto.

If you agree with these beliefs, then you fit the profile of a successful ndau affiliate. You are motivated to spread the message of ndau’s long-term store of value with sustainable staking yields that help folks hedge against inflation. Enlighten your network referrals and gain more Financial Freedom from your efforts.

As part of the ndau affiliate program, you can offer your fans, followers and audience

  • All the benefits of a decentralized digital currency while offering fair and accountable governance.
  • A way to protect savings from inflation.
  • Less volatility and buoyancy for ndau holders not found in existing cryptocurrencies.
  • The opportunity to have a voice in the future of ndau through self-governance.
  • ndau rewards for making an initial purchase and lock using your affiliate Promo Code.

Once your referral signs up for an exchange account and downloads and locks their ndau purchase in their ndau wallet app – you earn a 10% USD reward on their total locked ndau for life!

We don’t believe in limits. Not when it comes to cryptocurrency and not when it comes to your reward.

Because ndau is designed on the principle of unlimited growth, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to ndau, so there’s no real limit on how much affiliate commissions you can earn. You earn 10% reward on all purchase and locks made by your referrals for the lifetime of their accounts.

Sample ndau Affiliate Earnings Table

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To make life easier, you’ll get access to regularly updated marketing assets — including content articles, banner ads, product videos and monthly updates on ndau news – to reduce the burden on your end.

Join over 10,000 affiliates promoting ndau worldwide and earn a 10% commission on all qualifying purchases made by your referrals.