Download ndau Wallet

Here’s a walkthrough on how to install the ndau wallet app, receive ndau, and then lock your ndau to start earning staking income.

Manage Your $NDAU, Securely

The ndau wallet app provides a secure and convenient way for you to manage your ndau. Within the ndau wallet app, you can create and manage an arbitrary number of addresses that you can use with the ndau virtual currency. To an outside observer, each of these addresses is unique and unrelated to any other.

However, your wallet app can generate them in a way that allows you to recover and manage them safely, without having to memorize or record the individual keys. This technology is known as a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet.

Advanced Account Recovery

Your recovery phrase is created when you set up your wallet for the first time. This list of 12 words is used to cryptographically generate all the accounts and addresses in your wallet.

If you lose access to your phone, this recovery phrase is what you’ll need to recover and restore your wallet on a new mobile phone.