ndau: Staking meets NFTs

Introducing the ndau NFT Forge and NFT Wallet

The new ndau NFT Forge and ndau NFT Wallet are designed to be just as simple, self-sovereign and secure as ndau itself.

With these new tools, you can easily create your own brand-new NFTs and use ndau to pay for the minting fees at a highly discounted rate. Then easily upload and sell your NFTs on a marketplace and receive royalties in ndau that can immediately start earning staking yields right in your wallet app.

ndau Wallet
ndau and NFTs

Why ndau and NFTs?
The Intersection

ndau: Empowering truly decentralized digital right management: ndau is the perfect solution for royalty payouts… Simple, Secure and Proof of Stake Yield. Creators, Collaborators, Promoters, Distributors, Charities can all receive their royalty through their unique ndau address.

ndau: How royalties are paid out in the blockchain era.

ndau’s three pillars – a long-term store of value, multiple ways to earn staking yields, and a simple and secure user experience – make it a perfect match to be used as a digital currency in the NFT space.

For example:

Receive NFT sales in ndau and keep your earnings in long-term store of value
Earn yields on your NFT earnings by simply holding your ndau in your wallet
Use your new ndau yields to pay for new NFT minting fees

NFTs: The Future of Artist Empowerment, Fanbase Engagement & Expansion and Innovative Membership Perks

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a powerful tool for artists who want to create content and more deeply engage with their fanbases. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs provide decentralization with built-in royalty opportunities as well as the ability to create digital membership tokens. This gives artists a whole new way to monetize their work, host innovative members-only events, and expand their network of followers.
ndau + NFT

NFTs: Decentralized Digital Rights Management

With the Internet everyone becomes a content creator, influencer, distributor or promoter, and NFTs represent the future of online media royalties management. With Blockchain, royalties are instantaneously paid no matter where the media lives or who is transacting.

ndau: The Future of Simple, Self-sovereign and Secure Staking

ndau is a self-sovereign, simple, and secure way to own crypto and earn more. By holding ndau in your wallet app, you automatically earn staking rewards while keeping complete self-sovereign ownership of your private keys. Additional yield opportunities, such as locking your ndau for a specific period of time or co-staking it to a validator node, provide more ways to earn at a higher rate. And as the first adaptive digital currency, ndau is optimized for a long-term store of value with a goal of buoyancy in market value.

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