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Is ndau the Answer to Emerging Market Hyperinflation?

Imagine that you’re the sole provider for a family of four and you’re working tirelessly to support your family. Over the span of a year, you are faced with the reality that inflation rates in your national currency have begun to rise — and not just marginally, but...

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Why I’m Long ndau, and The Genius of the Buoyant Coin.

Our primary focus at Cosimo Ventures is deep tech plays such as in the blockchain and AI space. You may have heard me speak at one of the many crypto events across the globe about promise of the blockchain. I see the blockchain as capable of supplanting our outdated,...

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51% Rule & Code Is Law

Mike Orcutt of  MIT’s Technology Review put out a piece on Feb 19 that caught our attention.  In it the author discusses a few of the fundamental challenges with crypto.  We briefly comment on his 51% Rule & Code Is Law sections, and how he ndau Collective thinks...

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A Team-First Approach

One of the things I’ve always been passionate about is building a team from scratch. When I look back on my career the most fun I’ve had is assembling wonderful groups of people together and building something amazing. When the opportunity to join Oneiro and run ndev...

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Digital Currency and the Paradox of Value

The exponential rate at which digital currencies have appreciated since their inception is enough to make any rational investor skeptical. Wall Street institutions and retail investors alike lie in anticipation of the bust that invariably follows any rapid economic...

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