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Join over 17,000 ndau holders who are earning by simply holding ndau in their wallets.
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Download the ndau wallet and start earning staking rewards today.
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ndau wallet
ndau lock
Unlocked? Now is the time to lock (or relock) your ndau to earn up to 25% on your locked ndau.
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By simply holding locked ndau in your ndau wallet, you'll start earning up to 25%.
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ndau lock
ndau content creators
Content creators: Create & Sell Your Own NFT's using the ndau NFT Forge
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Learn how to make money using ndau's NFT Forge
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ndau and NFT
ndau category
A new category of digital currency optimized for a long term store of value.
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Adaptability. Dependability. Governance.
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ndau phone app
ndau Collective
ndau's Decentralized EcoSystem
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Designed for stable growth via decentralized development and nodes, delivering sustainable growth via EAI ecosystem funding.
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ndau Collective
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What is ndau?

Watch Our 3-Min Explainer Video

Overcomes the top barriers to long-term holding of digital assets.

A decentralized, trusted ecosystem where ndau holders digitally self-govern.

Reduced Volatility

Applies monetary policy, embedded within its blockchain, to mitigate price volatility.

Resilient Governance

Governed by the BPC DAO, led by the community of all ndau holders using a weighted voting system to oversee operations and ndau’s monetary policy.

Robust Security

Includes a multisignature wallet app featuring self-sovereign safeguards and WalletConnect Web3 capabilities.

Demand Driven Supply

New ndau issued along pre-determined price curve only when demand exceeds supply and pushes market price to the next designated price level.

Incentives to Hold

Efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus with staking rewards thanks to ecosystem incentives that increase the longer ndau is held and locked in a holder’s wallet app.

Non-Profit Endowment

All net proceeds are held in an endowment, maintained by the non-profit Axiom Foundation, to help stabilize ndau and implement its monetary policy.


June 15, 2022

NFTs as a democratizing force for artists and patrons

The ultimate goal of any artist is to create unique and engaging content for people to discover and experience.


April 21, 2022

Are NFTs On Track To Bring Digital Assets Mainstream?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are making headlines everywhere, from niche crypto forums to traditional news sites.

ndau and NFTs

March 22, 2022

Growing ndau Ecosystem to Launch the ndau NFT Forge and Wallet Powered by BEASY

New NFT enablement platform provides social influencers, creators and brands an easy way to produce NFTs and pay royalties