Comparing ndau with Bitcoin and Stablecoins

Bitcoin started it all. We get it, and it’s awesome. But let’s face it, most people aren’t keeping the honey badger of money as a pet in their savings or retirement accounts.

A New Category of Virtual Currencies

There’s a need for a new category of digital currencies. A calmer, gentler “conservative crypto” appealing for the masses. One that’s specifically designed to be less volatile when held over the course of many years. A digital currency that is also well suited to be held along with Bitcoin to help smooth out the ride. We call this new category an adaptive digital currency.

Adaptive digital currencies, such as ndau, are buoyant and optimized for the long-term store of value. They have built-in monetary policy which helps to stabilize their value, in real time, as demand changes. Whereas unstabilized cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are unable to adapt in the face of constantly changing demand. Adaptive coins increase their value by following a pre-determined price curve as demand rises. Unstabilized coins exhibit unpredictable growth demand increases.

Side by Side Comparison

The Right Tool for the Job

As the saying goes, use the right tool for the job. Unstabilized cryptocurrencies serve a role when volatility is desirable to capitalize on active trading and price speculation. And while they have been shown to store value over certain time periods, they are not specifically optimized to do so. Stablecoins serve as a medium of exchange designed for very low volatility at the expense of growth. Most stablecoins are unable to keep pace with inflation. Buoyant coins are specifically engineered to store value over the long-term, with volatility dampeners, and are best suited for a passive, buy and hold approach.
Below is a comparison of the different attributes normally associated with unstabilized cryptos, stablecoins, and buoyant coins. There’s a need for all of these tools in the ever-expanding toolbox of digital assets.

The Rapidly Evolving Digital Asset Landscape