Blockchain Network

Our blockchain network is completely decentralized, distributed and public.

Node Operators

An ndau node operator runs a computer on the global ndau network. ndau nodes validate transactions, reach consensus on the result, and add them to the ndau blockchain. Node operators run their own network node and stake ndau to their own node (self-staking).

Node operators receive rewards as an incentive for them to improve the network performance and resilience of the nodes they run. These rewards are paid from both transaction fees and from node operations fees deducted from ecosystem alignment incentives. This provides a financial incentive for enterprising individuals to run their own network nodes and encourages other ndau holders to stake their ndau to them.

Currently, permissioned nodes are supported. Over time, running a node will be distributed to anyone interested in becoming a node operator without permission. Learn more about our ecosystem.

Staking Opportunities

Stake ndau to a network node of your choice to help support the health of the ndau ecosystem. Staking your ndau to a network node run by someone else (co-staking) earns you a recurring payment of ndau as a reward.

As new nodes enter the ecosystem, node operators have the opportunity to differentiate and distinguish themselves from other nodes in the network. This encourages healthy competition between node operators as they work to encourage ndau holders to choose them for staking.