It began with some of the top computer scientists and financial experts in the world

The Big Idea

In 2015, an anonymous group of early bitcoin enthusiasts and experts from world-class institutions including MIT, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, University of Chicago, and Goldman Sachs who specialize in fields including economics, monetary policy, cryptography, and computer science came together to discuss the largest barriers to mainstream crypto adoption for long term holding. This group later became the ndau Collective. The ndau Collective identified 23 different issues with cryptocurrencies today, and highlighted three key issues that needed a solution: volatility, dependability, and governance. The ndau collective believed these were the three largest barriers to using crypto as a long term store of value for both institutions and individuals.

Creation of ndau

The Axiom Foundation was subsequently established as the creator of ndau and contracted Oneiro to build the software envisioned by the ndau Collective. Using venture capital funding provided by COSIMO Ventures, Oneiro has been developing the native blockchain and tools that are necessary for ndau’s decentralized ecosystem, with a seasoned leadership team and ambitious roadmap that continues to be guided in-part by the ndau Collective. Nearly $17M of ndau was sold to accredited investors based on the merits and principles of the project, prior to the launch of ndau on its first exchange. ndau did not pursue an ICO or IEO.

Development Milestones

The Future
Q4 2020 – Q1 2021
  • Additional exchange listings and partnerships.
  • Open Source bounty program based on community-driven feature development.
  • Updated blockchain explorer with advanced search capabilities and visualizations.
  • Validator Node updates with more support for 3rd party node operators.
  • Mainnet update supporting new transaction types.
  • Network infrastructure upgrades to improve High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA & DR).
  • Official wallet app update.