Use Cases

An adaptive digital currency specifically designed
to be held for years, not minutes.

Institutional & Retail Value Storage

  • NDAU is designed for both public and private institutions as well as individuals.
  • Ideal for retirement accounts, pension funds, collateral accounts, bank reserves, student saving plans.
  • Can be used in place of saving accounts, CDs, treasury bonds, saving bonds.

Diversification & Risk Mitigation

  • NDAU’s low correlation to traditional markets can enchance risk-return ratio for portfolios.
  • Dampened volatility makes it suitable for investors of all kinds.
  • Portfolios with long-term event horizons are rewarded for holding NDAU over a long period of time

DeFi :Decentralized Apps

  • Build dApps that use NDAU instead of ETH as the underlying collateral.
  • Write and execute smart contracts that leverage Solifity for rapid development and deployment.

Staking Income & Inflation Protection

  • Earn additional NDAU by simply holding NDAU in your wallet, thanks to Ecosystem Alignment Incentives (EAI).
  • Inflation erodes the real value of saving held in local fiat.
  • Unlike fiat, NDAU is fundamentally designed to be an adadptive and buyoant long-term store of value.

DeFi: Escrow & Collateral

  • NDAU’s buoyant and dependable nature makes it ideal as a source of collateral for smart contracts.
  • Preserve the intended purchasing power of your transactions in a way that can’t be achived with free-floating cryptocurrencies or most stablecoins.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

  • Scalable for retail transactions with near instant transaction finality.
  • Configurable to support customized monetary policy, staking incentives and transaction fees.
  • Secure with multi-sig authentication and transaction recourse.
  • Ready for new interest bearing products with definable interest rates, interest compounding and accrual, account locking bonus and staking.
  • Get involved with the CBDC Collective.