The DeFi Ecosystem and Wrapped NDAU

Current DeFi opportunities are primarily based on Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. NDAU is built on a custom tailored high-performance blockchain using Cosmos Tendermint and therefore is not an ERC-20 token, but NDAU holders can participate in the rapid innovation happening around Ethereum-based DeFi by using wrapped NDAU (WNDAU).

Introducing WNDAU

WNDAU has been created to allow holders to take advantage of products such as automated market makers (AMMs), liquidity, and permissionless decentralized exchanges like Uniswap on the Ethereum network. Many projects have created wrapped ERC-20 token versions of their native assets as a bridge onto Ethereum to take advantage of the infrastructure and building blocks that Ethereum provides. Wrapping is simply a 1:1 representation of an asset, or an IOU.

How to acquire WNDAU

You can acquire WNDAU in 2 different ways. 

1) Exchange between NDAU and WNDAU on the NDAU/WNDAU Bridge. < Link to NDAU/WNDAU bridge will be added here>

2) Swap between USDC and WNDAU on the USDC/WNDAU Uniswap Pool.< Link to WNDAU/USDC Uniswap pool will be added here>

Earn ETH by becoming a USDC/WNDAU Liquidity Provider

To become a liquidity provider on the USDC/WNDAU Uniswap Pool, you need to deposit equal amounts of WNDAU and USDC. For example, if you want to seed $10K in WNDAU, then you’ll also need $10K in USDC. By depositing this liquidity, you’ll receive Liquidity Provider tokens (LP tokens). LP tokens give you the right to your assets when you want to withdraw liquidity. Additionally, it gives you a right to 0.3% of all fees (in ETH) that happen by trading on the Uniswap pair.

Become a liquidity provider on the USDC/WNDAU Uniswap Pool <Link will be added here>

Earn WNDAU by participating in the WNDAU Rewards Program

In addition to automatically earning 0.3% of all pool feels when becoming a liquidity provider on the USDC/WNDAU Uniswap pool, you can earn additional WNDAU by staking your USDC/WNDAU LP tokens in the first WNDAU Liquidity Mining Rewards Program <Link will be added here>. This program is being launched by Oneiro and will provide 20,000 WNDAU tokens to be distributed as community liquidity rewards.

Stake your LP tokens and participate in the WNDAU Rewards Program <Link will be added here>

$500,000 WNDAU Rewards Program Details

20,000 WNDAU tokens are planned to be distributed as community liquidity rewards. The proposed details of the program can be found below, with the Liquidity Incentives due to start on < LAUNCH DATE>:

Reward Pool: 20,00 WNDAU (~$500K at the current ndau price of $25)
Incentivised Liquidity Pair: WNDAU / USDC
DeFi Platform: Uniswap <Link will be added here>
Reward site: <Link will be added here>
Reward program : $500,000 in WNDAU

Program details:

  • Launch Date: <LAUNCH DATE will be added here>,  running for 90 days.
  • Finish Date: <Finish DATE will be added here>
  • Claim Rewards (Cooldown period): xxx to xxx
  • Lock LP token – to participate in the rewards program, stake your wndau/USDC liquidity pool token into the rewards program at until the Finish Date. 
  • Rewards are allocated daily on a pro rata basis according to your share of the reward pool. 
  • A linearly increasing multiplier (see below) is applied.
  • To qualify for rewards, participant must stay in the rewards program until the Finish date
  • If participants unstake before the Finish date, they will forfeit 100% of rewards earned to that point. Forfeited rewards will be allocated on a pro rata basis to other qualifying participants.
  • Rewards will be paid in wndau and can only be claimed during the cooldown period. Unclaimed rewards are forfeited and will be allocated to a future rewards program.

      Reward Multiplier:

      The user holds for a maximum of 90 days and gets a linearly increasing multiplier depending on the number of days the LP token is locked in the reward pool.

      • day 1-15   -x1
      • day 16-30 – x2
      • day 31-45 – x3
      • day 46-60 – x4
      • day 61-75 – x5
      • day 76-90 – x6

      The multiplier is applied for the time of lock – for example,  if a participant stakes on day 31 and holds tokens for 60 days – they receive the x4 multiplier.