COSIMO Ventures Commits to $3 Million Seed Investment in Oneiro Ltd., a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Innovation Technology Company

October 12, 2020
BOSTON & DUBLIN–COSIMO Ventures, an investment firm with offices in Boston and Dublin that’s focused on transforming promising deep technology companies into global industry leaders, is pleased to announce that it’s committed $3 million for a seed investment in Oneiro Ltd., a new developer of technology innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The investment is one of the largest for a cryptocurrency company established in the United Kingdom. Oneiro will have part of its core technology development team based in Dublin, and is establishing its operating headquarters in Boston. This trans-Atlantic strategy reflects COSIMO Ventures’ unique expertise in supporting collaboration and new-company growth between the UK/Ireland and the United States. COSIMO is committed to partnering with promising early stage deep technology companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies sectors, as well as in the artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, augmented reality, and big data industries.

“We believe that Oneiro will bring the potential of the cryptocurrency market into a completely new realm as the acceptance, and use, of digital currencies becomes more mainstream,” said Ciaran Hynes, Managing Partner at COSIMO Ventures. “We are impressed by the experience and forward thinking of the team at Oneiro. This is one of the most exciting projects we’ve seen, and we’re pleased to support them as part of COSIMO’s investment strategy to offer unique technology solutions for the commercial markets.”

Oneiro is focused on developing technologies around decentralized, secure, and dependable cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology has enabled the use and management of digital currencies worldwide, and Oneiro is positioning its technology to be an integral part of the market’s future.

“We’ve built a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of experience across many different segments and markets,” said Ken Lang, CTO of COSIMO. “Our innovations in the cryptocurrency space will leverage best practices and lessons learned from the markets.”

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About COSIMO Ventures

COSIMO Ventures is an investment firm focused on transforming promising deep technology companies into global industry leaders. With offices in Boston, New York and Dublin, COSIMO Ventures invests in sectors including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company also offers special expertise in working with promising Irish and UK early stage technology companies and supporting their global expansion. More information can be found at

About Oneiro

Oneiro Ltd. and Oneiro NA Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a blockchain technology firm focused on creating a global cryptocurrency designed and optimized for the long-term store of value.


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