Inflation rates the world over are causing governments and populations some headaches. The current Inflation metrics, including the consumer price index, show that the U.S. rate of 8.6% in May 2022 is the highest level seen since 1981.

Figures for the U.S. inflation rate show that inflation has quadrupled since the first quarter of 2020, but it is hardly the only place with inflation right now. Numbers published recently by Pew Research Center from data across 44 countries show substantial rises in consumer prices, with some areas surpassing 10% and Turkey reaching a whopping 54,8%. Israel’s inflation is 25 times higher, and Greece, Italy, and Spain are included among the counties with the highest increases after Israel.

Unfortunately, inflation increases prices, eroding people’s spending power and savings. Therefore, safeguarding from inflation requires some actions, including making suitable investments. Staking with ndau is one way to protect yourself from inflation since it allows you to buy and hold digital currency, earning more than the current inflation rate.

Curbing the Erosion of Income

A healthy economy requires some inflation, and several stimulus measures can help boost the economy when it gets below zero.

Then again, runaway inflation requires money tightening measures to reduce its effects since it cuts people’s purchasing power.

Several things can cause inflation, but usually, it occurs when a larger money supply increases the demand for goods and services. As a result, demand causes price increases, and commodity shortages also add to price escalations.

Other factors can also cause temporary inflation, like when weather conditions cause damage to a specific type of crop, pushing up the price for that commodity.

It is not always easy to safeguard your income against inflation because whether you work for an employer or get a pension, you rely on adjustments to your salary or pension. However, most of the time, the increases remain below the inflation levels, making it challenging to keep up with the higher prices.

Protecting Your Savings with ndau Staking

Investing your savings in a way that can give you a better reward is the best way to beat inflation. Money market accounts and savings accounts do not always offer the best rewards, so you should consider your risk tolerance and look for savings with higher returns.

Traditionally, people turn to investments like government bonds, stocks, ETFs, and trading in foreign fiat currencies. However, earning rewards for holding cryptocurrencies, or staking, has become a new way to make your assets work for you by generating interest. Therefore, your money does not just sit in a wallet but also earns you staking rewards.

Most recently, ndau, the adaptive digital asset pioneer, launched its native wallet from which holders can stake funds. The wallet’s advantages include earning extra ndau through the Ecosystem Alignment Incentives (EAI), locking ndau for additional bonuses, and receiving the rewards directly since you retain custody of your assets.

Ndau Incentives for Long-Term Holding

By focusing on long-term holding, ndau makes it easier for its wallet holders to earn rewards through their EAI. In addition, once holding ndau in the ndau wallet, you can immediately start staking with rewards that can curb the erosion of inflation since the additional bonuses can reach up to 15% annually if you lock your ndau for one year.

As a holder, you get an annual 10% just for holding the crypto, and you can choose from several lock periods that range from 3 months to three years with rewards of up to 25%.

There are other similar programs to the EAI in other blockchain networks that run on a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. However, one problem is that these depend on complex mechanisms, meaning you must rely on staking providers who take custody of your funds. Because ndau’s native wallet enables staking, it bypasses the need for ndau holders to depend on such services.

Ndau – An Adaptive Digital Currency

Originally built by Oneiro, ndau follows the Tendermint protocol. Its built-in economic structures make it the leading DeFi solution on the Cosmos Network because it provides the benefits of a digital currency with several more advantages, including greater stability, and has the ability to rise in value as demand increases.

Besides the long-term holding incentives to help promote stability, the digital currency has a limit of 30 million total reserves with a price increase of 0.00971% for every 1,000 units added.

The currency does not rely on commodities or fiat currencies and is currently in the initial phase of the first 10 million units.

Bottom Line

Staking with a ndau wallet provides higher rewards than the current inflation rate when you lock your savings for anything over six months. Therefore, in 2022, your rewards from staking may prove better than most investments, helping curb inflation erosion from the current rate of 8.6%. So, take advantage of ndau’s simple way to earn more by buying, holding, and staking.