Distribution Terms

ndau can be purchased directly through a purchase specialist. Learn more about the distribution terms and procedure required for doing so.

Engage a Purchase Specialist

Complete the form near the bottom of the Buy ndau webpage in order to contact a purchase specialist.

 A contact specialist will be in touch and provide you with a price quote. You will be asked to provide the name of the legal entity making the purchase, the name of the signatory for that entity, and an e-mail address. You will be asked to review, sign and return a ndau Contribution Agreement. You will recieve a countersigned copy for your records.

Once the Contribution Agreement is executed, you must arrange payment via USD, Bitcoin, Ether, or Tether through your purchase specialist.

Distribution Terms to Receive ndau*

Once your direct purchase of ndau is made, you need to perform the following distribution terms to receive delivery of ndau:


Install the ndau wallet app on your device from either Apple App Store or Google Play.



Create an ndau account using the app.



Send the receive address from your newly created ndau account to your purchase specialist.

4) Confirm delivery after ndau is sent by inspecting your wallet app. If your ndau was transferred and locked, start the countdown timer so your ndau will automatically unlock after the lock period ends.  Note that received and unlocked ndau may not be immediately spendable / transferable until the default recourse period has elapsed, currently set at 1 hour.