The ndau Collective

The ndau Collective

The ndau Collective is a decentralized community of people who originally designed ndau and are now actively helping it reach its full potential.

Members of the ndau Collective come from many areas of expertise, including economics, monetary policy, cryptography, computer science and cybersecurity.

Major contributors to the ndau Collective currently include developers, asset managers, market makers, node operators, token holders and social media influencers.

The ndau Ecosystem

The ndau Ecosystem is a scalable and sustainable network supported by decentralized software development, nodes, and a funding mechanism (EAI) that is built-in to the ndau blockchain.

ndau’s Decentralized EcoSystem

Stable Growth via Decentralized Development and Nodes

Globally distributed network of verifier and validator nodes (20+) securing the blockchain and processing transactions.

Ongoing focused development by Oneiro.

Open Source contributions from a global developer community.

Sustainable Growth via EAI Ecosystem Funding

Ecosystem Alignment Incentive (EAI) directly funds ecosystem development.

Over $14 MM USD in ndau was generated and distributed to the ecosystem in 2021.

  • Staking income for NDAU custodied in the native ndau wallet app (over 1,500 ndau distributed every day to over 12,000 ndau holders).
  • Node rewards for validator node operators (over 200 ndau in node rewards distributed every day).
  • Rewards for participants in the ndau nlighten program to create and promote marketing materials (over 20,000 ndau distributed in 2021).
  • Compensation for Open Source contributions (paid in bounties).
ndau's Decentralized Ecosystem

Become a Part of the ndau Ecosystem and Earn ndau

The ndau ecosystem distributes over 14 million USD in $NDAU a year to the ndau ecosystem. Learn how you can earn $NDAU today:

Learn how you can become part of the ndau Collective today!

ndau Collective Spotlight

Guest: John Lester, VP Operations, Oneiro

Guest: Ken Lang, CTO, Cosimo Ventures

Current Members and Projects

Contracted to develop and operate the ndau blockchain.

John Lester

VP Operations, Oneiro

John is a community builder, product leader, software developer and fintech pioneer and  has led projects and teams from startups to Fortune 100 companies in neuroscience research, infosec, knowledge management and healthcare.

Current passions include:

  • Cultivating fintech innovations in emerging markets
  • Building open payment networks and advancing decentralized digital currency platforms across numerous Open Source projects
COSIMO Ventures

Venture funding to build the ndau project.

Rob Frasca

Managing Partner, Cosimo Ventures

Rob is a serial entrepreneur, investor, visionary online pioneer and frequent speaker on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Rob founded and brought 3 venture-backed startups, to successful exits, and served as CEO of 4 companies. He is a visionary and online pioneer who has brought over 50 products to market, including one with over 100 million users.

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • MBA/M.S.I.A. from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business
  • Decorated U.S. Naval Flight Officer with 18 combat missions.

Ciaran Hynes

Managing Partner, Cosimo Ventures

Ciaran is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has raised over $100M in venture and corporate capital. 10+ years of deep tech market experience and an extensive network of investors, advisors, government agencies and business leaders throughout the U.S..

  • Founded 7 companies, served as CEO at 5 of these companies
  • Board Director 20+ companies, including Gecko Governance, Locatible, Nova Leah and Oneiro.
Ken Lang

Ken Lang

CTO, Cosimo Ventures

Ken is a pioneer in AI and machine learning and invented search engine collaborative filtering. He holds more than 40 patents, two of which were proven to be responsible for more than 20% of Google’s ad revenue.

  • Former COO of Keane Advisors, CTO of Vringo, Adjunct professor at NYU, Founder WiseWire
  • BAs in Electrical Engineering, CS, Mathematics and Physics
  • Master’s in Computer, Carnegie Mellon University.

The BlockVenture Coalition is a research driven alliance of university blockchain groups and funds.

Philip Forte

Partner at BlockVenture Coalition

  • Founder, CMU Blockchain
  • PNC Institutional Asset Management
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Tyler Wellener

Partner at BlockVenture Coalition

  • Struck Capital Crypto
  • Deloitte
  • Carnegie Mellon University

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