Saturday, December 3, 2022

Market Price: 0
Circulating Supply: 0
Market Capitalization: 0

Endowment: $29,953,555

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What is the Axiom Foundation?

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The Axiom Foundation is an Isle of Man Foundation, which manages ndau. It is registered with the Isle of Man Financial Regulator and operates in accordance with Isle of Man Privacy and Data Protection regulations.

The Axiom Foundation is responsible for holding the reserve of ndau (initially 30 million not including the 10 million for ecosystem alignment incentives or EAI purposes), issuing new minted ndau from its reserve of ndau as directed by the blockchain policy council or BPC (that is elected by the holders of ndau) and receives funds/assets from the issuance of ndau which are held in its endowment. The endowment is managed by up to three fund managers as directed by the Foundation. It is used primarily to support the monetary policies of ndau pursuant to a published, formulaic floor price for ndau or in general to mitigate currency attacks.

EAI are awarded to holders of ndau in line with monetary policy through the ndau protocol as guided by the BPC DAO.


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