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Weighted Average Age (WAA)

Weighted Average Age (WAA) is the average age of all the ndau in a specific account. WAA is displayed in...

Validator node

An active node currently assigned to the ndau consensus engine’s validation network. ndau nodes validate transactions, reach consensus on the result, and add them to the ndau blockchain....

Validation Scripts and Keys

ndau accounts are protected by security mechanisms more powerful and more flexible than those offered by other digital currencies. Account...

Unstake – transaction type

If an account has been staked, this transaction can remove a single staked quantity. Unstaking is subject to the rules established by the...

TransferAndLock – transaction type

This causes ndau to move from the source account only to a newly-created destination account. The destination account is locked according to the...

Transfer – transaction type

This causes ndau to move from the source account to the destination account.  For more information about transaction types, see Transaction Fees.

Stake – transaction type

Staking is used as a way to place amounts at risk against future performance. It is used in node operations, but stakes can...
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