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NFT Forge – Step 2: Buy some MATIC and deposit it into your BEASY Wallet

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NFT Forge – Step 2: Buy some MATIC and deposit it into your BEASY Wallet

Your BEASY Wallet is all set, but to mint an NFT you’ll need to spend some MATIC.

You can see on your BEASY Wallet NFT screen that your current balance of MATIC is 0, so let’s go buy some.

Click on the Profile icon.

Click on Account.

On your Account page you will always be able to view your mnemonic phrase as well as optionally add a picture to your user profile. This page is also where can find your BEASY Wallet’s Address.  

This Address will never change and it’s the address you will always use to receive MATIC.

Click the copy icon to copy it to your clipboard and save your Address in your notes.

Now that you have your BEASY Wallet’s Address for receiving MATIC, you can go to any cryptocurrency exchange and buy MATIC and receive it in your BEASY Wallet.

We recommend using Quickswap Exchange as it’s very easy to use and you can buy MATIC using your credit card.

Go to Quickswap Exchange and click BuyMoonpay.

Under Currency, select MATIC.

For Amount, select the minimum purchase  of $30.

Click the Continue button.

In the Wallet Address field on Quickswap, enter your BEASY Wallet address.

Click the Continue button.

Follow the rest of the instructions on Quickswap for setting up and verifying your account, then use your credit card to purchase your MATIC.

Once you’ve bought some MATIC and sent it to your BEASY Wallet’s Address, you’ll see it appear as a balance in your BEASY Wallet.

In this example, we bought 5 MATIC and sent it to our BEASY Wallet’s Address. You can now see it in the balance.

[ Proceed to Step 3: Log into the ndau NFT Forge using your BEASY Wallet ]

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