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We are paying over 1 million USD in $NDAU a year to the ecosystem partners. Learn how you can earn $NDAU and become an ecosystem partner today.


In 2015, an anonymous group of early bitcoin enthusiasts and experts from world-class institutions including MIT, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, University of Chicago, and Goldman Sachs came together. The group is now known as the “ndau Collective”.
This group discussed the largest barriers to mainstream crypto adoption for long-term holding. They identified 23 issues with cryptocurrencies and highlighted three key issues that needed a solution: volatility, dependability, and governance. This group has since become what’s known as the ndau Collective and continues to help guide the long-term vision for ndau. It has grown to more than 60 members with expertise in the areas of economics, monetary policy, cryptography, computer science and cybersecurity.

We Work Together

Become one of our strategic partners and work with the team that is vested in the project and actively helping it reach its full potential.

Become a Part of the ndau Ecosystem and Earn With Us

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Our Ecosystem is Growing Rapidly

We are always looking for new partners to join our ecosystem and help grow ndau! Here are some examples of how participants are getting paid in ndau by the ecosystem:

Market Makers

  • Encourage ndau’s market liquidity
  • Improve stability across multiple exchanges
  • Explore arbitrage opportunities

Node Operators

  • Increase the ndau network’s decentralization, resilience and performance
  • Create new business opportunities with new value-add offerings to ndau holders
  • Earn node rewards

Social Media Advertisers and Marketers

  • Raise awareness of ndau in new markets
  • Share educational content
  • Build and support new referral networks

Blockchain and Finance Advertisers and Marketers

  • Create new educational material in videos and written formats
  • Identify new financial markets for focused outreach
  • Find new partnership opportunities and introduce them to the ndau ecosystem


  • Contribute to the existing open source ndau codebase
  • Extend the ndau network by building new software tools or improving existing ones
  • Support integration of ndau in new wallet apps and existing hardware wallets

Asset Managers

  • Leverage ndau’s low correlation to traditional markets to enhance risk-return ratios for portfolios
  • Improve portfolios with long-term event horizons by holding ndau over a long period of time
  • Use ndau for retirement accounts, pension funds, collateral accounts,etc

Token Holders

Banks and Hedgefunds

Economists and Universities

  • Write academic articles reviewing ndau’s adaptive monetary policy
  • Provide feedback on improvements and new extensions to the ndau network
  • Explore the future of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and global adoption of cryptocurrencies

We Are Empowered by Decentralized Governance

Open Source

ndau is an Open Source project, and all code is available on the ndau GitHub repo. Community developers can get involved and help contribute to the codebase or innovate in new directions.


ndau holders self-govern by annually electing delegates to the Blockchain Policy Council, a self-governing ecosystem, ultimately responsible for the governance and operating policies of ndau and is cryptographically accountable to the holders of the ndau.

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Registered: Singapore Trading Pair: NDAU / USDT

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