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Certain service fees are deducted from EAI. The fees collected are used to fund the continuous growth and operation of the ndau ecosystem.

4 percent Ecosystem Funding

All EAI is charged a 4 percent fee to help grow the ndau ecosystem by funding functions such as software development and marketing.

1 percent Market Maker Price Discovery

All EAI is charged a 1 percent fee to fund the Market Maker’s operations.

Additional Fees

Certain fees are only charged in conjunction with a service or particular circumstance.

10 percent Network Operations: EAI incentives are available only to those holders supporting the ndau ecosystem by operating or associating with an ndau network node. Many currency holders will not want to operate their own node and will instead choose to associate with another node operator. A fee of 10 percent of EAI is charged to such holders to cover node operating costs.

5 percent exchange for other services: The BPC may elect to initiate an automatic exchange of up to 5 percent of EAI into other kinds of tokens, still under control of the holder, used for various non-currency services offered within the ndau ecosystem (“side chain services”). These services may include, but are not limited to, identity, dispute resolution, and secure communications.

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