ndau community update – 5/17/2024

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Here’s a quick update on the ndau ecosystem and the npayme network.

Development on the ndau blockchain is continuing with a great deal of work being done on the validator node software to support the upcoming Token Genesis Event of the new Web3-native NPAY token. After Token Genesis (happening later this summer) NDAU holders will be able to exchange their NDAU tokens 1:1 for NPAY tokens, and the decentralized ndau validator node network will provide decentralized minting of NPAY tokens whenever people exchange their NDAU for NPAY. Work is also being completed on a new ndau wallet that will support not just NDAU tokens but also Web3-native tokens like NPAY, and you’ll be able to use this new wallet to convert NDAU tokens into NPAY tokens.

The npayme network is a Web3-native network designed use NPAY tokens as the Web3-native utility token powering the npayme network, which in turn can drive demand for NDAU tokens which are burned when they are exchanged 1:1 for NPAY tokens. To learn more about the synergistic relationship between NDAU and NPAY tokens and what the npayme network provides, here are some resources:

There’s also an NPAY Airdrop program happing right now up until the Token Genesis Event. Over 600 people are already participating, and you can complete simple tasks to earn points that you will give you bonuses and greater exposure to the airdrop. Learn more here:

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact support at support@oneiro.freshdesk.com

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