Weighted Average Age (WAA)

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Weighted Average Age (WAA) is the average age of all the ndau in a specific account. WAA is displayed in years/months/days, with 1 month always equal to 30 days.

When you hold ndau in an account in your ndau wallet, it is always earning EAI. And in order to calculate exactly how much EAI your ndau is earning over time, the blockchain needs to know how long you’ve been holding your ndau.

Since the amount of ndau in an account can change over time as you send or receive ndau, the blockchain needs to calculate a weighted average. And the period of time that is calculated (specified in years/months/days) is called the Weighted Average Age (WAA) for that specific account.

Here’s an example of it in action:

  • Susan deposits 50 ndau in an account, waits 1 year and then checks the WAA on the account.
    • The WAA for her account containing 50 ndau is “1 year.”
  • Susan then decides to deposit another 50 ndau in the account and immediately checks the WAA again.
    • The WAA for her account containing 100 ndau is now “6 months.”

EAI is a powerful and simple way to increase your ndau holdings, and the higher your WAA, the more EAI you can earn. But remember, you can’t earn EAI if your ndau are sitting on an exchange. Always be sure to withdraw your ndau to an account on your ndau wallet so you can start earning EAI as soon as possible.

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