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EAI is accrued according to an EAI Rate Schedule published by the BPC, and the rate at which EAI is accrued by an account is based on its WAA.

ndau held for longer than 30 days may accrue an incentive of ndau at a rate of 2 percent on an annualized basis. As ndau is held longer, this base rate increases in 1 percent increments each additional month up to 10 percent when held for 9 months. The chart below shows the EAI structure.

Further, holders can take advantage of the ndau equivalent of a certificate of deposit, holding ndau over a specified period of time to accrue a predetermined rate of additional awarded incentive. In the ndau ecosystem, this is called “locking ndau.” By locking, the holder accrues ndau at a higher rate. Locking ndau for 90 days adds an additional 1 percent to the EAI rate above the incentive structure, as shown in the chart below.

Further increases occur at 6, 12, and 24 months of locking ndau until at 36 months a maximum of an additional 15 percent annualized rate is earned.

Locked ndau immediately begins to accrue EAI at the rate it would be accruing if it had already been held for the lock period, plus the lock incentive. Receiving and immediately locking ndau for 90 days thus immediately begins accruing a 7 percent EAI: 6 percent as if it had already been held for 90 days plus a 1 percent lock incentive. Likewise, ndau purchased and immediately locked for 3 years accrues a 25 percent EAI: the 10 percent rate as if it had already been held for that period plus the 15 percent lock incentive.

When you choose to lock an account within the ndau wallet app, you can see exactly how much EAI you will earn based on your chosen lock time and bonus rate.

It is important to note that EAI is not an automatic entitlement. Further requirements on the ndau holder may be set or modified by the BPC over time in order for the holder to permanently earn the accrued EAI. These additional requirements are to align individual incentives with the objectives of the entire ecosystem and all of the participants therein.

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