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How can I recover my ndau wallet?

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What do I do if I lose my ndau wallet password? 

If you lose or forget your ndau wallet password, then you won’t be able to log into your ndau wallet.  Oneiro does not store your wallet password for security reasons.  But don’t worry, as you can completely recover your wallet using your recovery phrase.  Your recovery phrase is the 12 word phrase your wrote down during the initial wallet set-up.

What do I do if I accidentally delete or lose my ndau wallet?

If you delete or lose your ndau wallet, you can recover it using your recovery phrase.  Reinstall the ndau wallet and click the “recover a wallet” button.  Enter your recovery phrase and your ndau wallet will be restored.

How can I check to make sure I wrote down my recovery phrase correctly?

Log in to your ndau wallet and select the option to change your wallet password.  The wallet will then ask you to enter your recovery phrase to verify you. This will let you check to make sure you have written down the correct recovery phrase.

What if I lose my recovery phrase, but I can still log on to my ndau wallet using the wallet password? 

During the initial ndau wallet setup, you were required to write down your recovery phrase and to save it in a secure place.  If you cannot find your recovery phrase but can still log in to your ndau wallet, we recommend you immediately create a new ndau wallet on a new mobile device and send your ndau from your existing wallet with the lost recovery phrase to the new wallet.  Be sure to write down and save the new recovery phrase for the new wallet.

What if I lose both my recovery phrase and my wallet password? 

Oneiro does not store your wallet password or recovery phrase for security reasons. You will always be able to recover your ndau if you have saved your recovery phrase.  Your recovery phrase is your ndau.  If you lose your recovery phrase and also cannot log in to your ndau wallet because you lost the wallet password, then you have lost all the ndau in that wallet forever.

What if someone steals my recovery phrase?  Will they be able to access my ndau?

Yes.  Your recovery phrase is your ndau. Whoever has your recovery phrase has full access to all your ndau and can recover your ndau wallet on their own mobile device.  We recommend you store your recovery phrase very securely  (e.g., written down in a safety deposit box).

What if the owner of the ndau dies? 

We recommend keeping a backup of your recovery phrase with your lawyer. This way your lawyer can give the recovery phrase to the proper person as with any estate planning. 

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