How do I sell my NDAU?

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NDAU is a cryptocurrency that you hold in your NDAU wallet app. If you wish to sell your NDAU and ultimately receive fiat money from the sale, here’s the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Successfully completing this process requires you fully understand how your chosen cryptocurrency exchanges work. After you register for a trading account on any cryptocurrency exchange, be sure to read all the New User Guides and contact their customer support if you need additional assistance.

The Process:


A) Transfer your NDAU from your wallet app to a cryptocurrency exchange where NDAU is currently trading.

1) Register for a trading account on a cryptocurrency exchange that is trading NDAU. Currently you can choose from KuCoin, BitMart, BittrexGlobal or Liquid.

2) Under your trading account’s Assets, search for NDAU. You will then be able to see the NDAU exchange deposit address for your trading account.

3) Go into your NDAU wallet app and open the account details page for the account that contains NDAU you wish to sell. Click the Send Button in the wallet app and then enter the NDAU exchange deposit address and the amount of NDAU you wish to send to the exchange.


B. Sell your NDAU on the cryptocurrency exchange for USDT.

1) The trading pair for NDAU on all currently supported cryptocurrency exchanges is USDT. Go to the Trading Page on your cryptocurrency exchange and search for the trading pair NDAU/USDT.

2) Set up an Order to sell your NDAU for USDT. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to do a Market, Limit or Stop Order.


C. Transfer your USDT to a second cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat money withdrawals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: KuCoin, BitMart, BittrexGlobal and Liquid do not directly support fiat money withdrawals, although KuCoin does support “P2P Fiat Trades” with USDT.  You can always transfer your USDT to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat money withdrawals (e.g., Coinbase).

1) Follow the instructions on the cryptocurrency exchange that is currrently holding your USDT and transfer your USDT to the second cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat money withdrawals.

2) Sell your USDT on the second exchange for U.S. Dollars or Euros or whatever fiat money you wish.

3) Withdraw your fiat money from the second cryptocurrency exchange to your bank account.




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