How do I send ndau?

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The process for transferring ndau from one account to another using the wallet app is very simple.

First, open your wallet app and  click on “View account details” for the account you want to send ndau from.

Then click on the “Send” button.

The wallet app will inform you about transaction fees. Click “Read more about fees” for additional detail, and click on “I understand” to continue.

On the next screen, paste in the ndau account address you want to send your ndau to and then click the “Next” button.

On the next screen, specify the amount of ndau you wish to send and then click the “Next” button.

The wallet app will then show you a screen summarizing your transaction.

Be sure to read everything on this screen and confirm that everything is correct.

Once you’re satisfied, click the “Confirm & Send” button.

The wallet app will now send your transaction to the ndau blockchain. You’ll see a “Talking to the blockchain” message while the ndau wallet app connects to the Internet and processes your transaction. It should take about 10 seconds.

Once your transaction is complete, the wallet app will return you to your main account screen.

In this example you can see that my account balance is now 15 ndau lower because I sent ndau from this account.

If you want to confirm the transfer on the blockchain, click on “View account details.”

On the next screen, click on the “View Transactions” button to open up the ndau blockchain explorer.

The wallet app will open your account’s details on the ndau blockchain explorer.  From here, you can scroll down and see your transfer transaction completed and confirmed on the blockchain. Click on the two arrows on the right to expand the entry and see all the details (e.g., amount of transfer, fees, SIB, etc.)

Lastly, remember that you can also always go directly to the ndau blockchain explorer at in any web broswer and search for any ndau account address and explore all transactions associated with any account.

With ndau, all transactions are recorded on a public ledger that anyone can view and confirm. That’s the power of the blockchain!

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