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Learn more about the ndau wallet and download the latest version here.

Check out a video review of the new wallet app (Part 1 of 2) by Chris Dominguez.


What’s New

  • An interactive dashboard that displays ndau’s market cap, its market ranking and performance on all markets over time.
  • The ability to enable notifications so a user receives alerts whenever ndau is received in any account.
  • A reorganized main screen that now prominently displays the total USD value of ndau in all accounts at the top of the screen.
  • A prominent button that brings users to a list of crypto exchanges where they can buy ndau.
  • The addition of a “SetEAI” button to allow the redirection of EAI on existing accounts.

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed a bug that caused the wallet to stall when trying to connect to an offline node (Round Robin polling on all nodes has been added).
  • Improved UX and layout on the account details screen.
  • Pop-up feedback when a user copies an ndau account address to the clipboard.

Open Issues

  • Oneiro will update this section as any new issues are discovered (last update 3/14/2022).



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