ndau accomplishments in 2022 and looking ahead to 2023

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ndau accomplishments in 2022 and looking ahead to 2023

January 20,2023

2022 was a fantastic year for ndau in terms of software development, decentralization and network growth. In the past year the number of active wallet accounts grew by over 40%, increasing from 12,000 to 17,000. 

Members of the decentralized ndau Collective running ndau validator nodes added additional security and reliability to the ndau network while earning over 43,000 ndau in node operator rewards ($600,000 at current ndau prices). 

New software releases included the ndau NFT Forge, a major update to the wallet app that added WalletConnect and Web3 integration, a new blockchain explorer featuring a dashboard with more market information and faster transaction history searching, and the release of the BPC DAO Voting portal to support all ndau holders as they help guide the future of ndau. 

The ndau nlighten program continues to support the creation of thousands of videos and web-based educational content about ndau, a major Mainnet update was completed that improved SIB Protection and increased EAI Rates, and a great deal of behind-the-scenes development work was completed to increase overall network infrastructure stability and scalability.

What’s coming in 2023? 

The new year is already off to a great start with the launch of the ndau Affiliate Program, a major marketing-focused project designed to increase global awareness of ndau while driving organic demand for ndau on exchanges. 

A new version of the wallet app is being designed with the goal of increasing ease of use, supporting a wrapped version of ndau on Polygon including an ndau bridge, integration with other blockchains, and DEX support. And development has already begun on a major upgrade to ndau’s Tendermint-based consensus mechanism codebase and node software. 

2022 was a year of major challenges and centralized failure in the broader crypto world, yet it was a banner year for ndau. 

Thank you for being part of the ndau community on this successful journey.

State of the Industry – ndau and Broad Crypto Adoption in 2023

Consensus Magazine’s recent article summarized 7 Key Areas that need to be addressed in 2023 in the crypto industry to support broad adoption. Among the 7 areas are the following:

  1. Better User Experience (easier to use)
  2. Better decentralized wallets (more self-sovereign solutions)
  3. Better bridges (exchanging tokens between blockchains)
  4. More Web3 social infrastructure (using your wallet for private and secure logins)
  5. More scalability (increasing network capacity)

As you can see, ndau’s accomplishments in 2022 and goals for 2023 are directly in line with 5 of the key areas. Focusing on these areas will increase both the use of ndau as well help support the global adoption of cryptocurrencies as a whole. Together, we all win.

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