Announcement – New Releases – 11-29-2022

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New: Updates to the ndau wallet app – Ready for Web3 with WalletConnect

We’re very excited to announce a new release of the ndau wallet app. In addition to providing secure and self-sovereign platform for holding your ndau and earning yields, the ndau wallet app now also features Web3 support by including WalletConnect software integration. 

Your mobile device should upgrade automatically, but you can also manually check to make sure you’re running the latest version.

WalletConnect is a Web3 communications protocol that enables blockchain-based wallet apps to securely connect to and interact with Web3 apps. With WalletConnect, you log in to a Web3 app by simply scanning a QR code with your wallet app to log in with a specific account address in your wallet.  This new release of the ndau wallet app features integration with WalletConnect version 2 (the latest version of Wallet Connect) and allows WalletConnect-enabled Web3 apps to directly interact with the ndau blockchain.  

Learn more: WalletConnect and ndau here.

New: Updated version of the blockchain explorer – Faster with more info

We’re also announcing the release of a new version of the ndau blockchain explorer website. This completely redesigned explorer features a dashboard with more market information, faster transaction history searching, a new UX design optimized for mobile devices, and the ability to create a web-based user account for bookmarking accounts and transactions.  

You can find the new ndau blockchain explorer here.

New: Voting portal for the BPC DAO – Web3-enabled Direct Governance

Work is complete on the new BPC DAO Voting Portal, a web-based Web3 app that allows ndau holders to help guide the future of ndau. All ndau holders can submit new proposals and vote on existing proposals by directly logging in to the Voting Portal via WalletConnect using their new ndau wallet app.  All votes are automatically weighted based on how much ndau they hold and their currency seat status as described in the ndau whitepaper.  

All new proposals can and should be debated rigorously in the BPC DAO Discord, however all new proposals submitted through the BPC DAO Voting Portal are subject to review by the Axiom Foundation based on their legality, technical feasibility and adherence to ndau’s fundamental framework as outlined in the ndau whitepaper for the benefit of all ndau holders.

After a proposal is submitted via the BPC DAO Voting Portal, it will be reviewed by the Axiom Foundation during its monthly meetings.  A decision will be made at that time whether or not to approve the proposal submission for a public vote. If a proposal is rejected, the rejected proposal and reason for rejection will be posted in the BPC DAO Discord.

The first Axiom Foundation monthly meeting that can consider reviewing proposals will be scheduled for early January. To synchronize with the Axiom Foundation’s proposal review process, the BPC DAO Voting portal will go live the first week of December.

Any ndau holder interested in submitting a proposal must discuss their proposal in the BPC DAO Discord before they propose it, as this provides a critical opportunity for public discussion and constructive feedback to make sure the proposal is suitable for a public vote.

Learn more about the BPC DAO Voting Portal here and join the BPC DAO Discord so you can discuss potential proposals with the community of ndau holders as well as ask any questions.

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