The Epistemology System

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Epistemology is the study of the nature and scope of knowledge and justified belief. It analyzes the nature of knowledge and how it relates to similar notions such as truth, belief and justification. It also deals with the means of production of knowledge, as well as skepticism about different knowledge claims.

ndau’s Epistemology System attempts to provide some stable form of “truth” in that it produces a set of values on a periodic heartbeat, based on interpretation of market observations. It is through this system that the ndau blockchain obtains accurate market price data.

The Epistemology System contains a record of specific and timestamped values used by the ndau blockchain. These records are used by the ndau currency as its source of market data.

Several values are always maintained:

  • The current market price
  • The current total of ndau issued by the Endowment
  • The current total of ndau in the market
  • The current rate of SIB in effect

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