ndau API Endpoints and validator nodes managed by Oneiro

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The ndau API provides an http interface to an ndau node. It is used to prevalidate and submit transactions, and to retrieve information about the ndau blockchain’s system variables, price information, transactions, blocks, and accounts.

All ndau API Endpoints are documented here in GitHub.

For a detailed overview of all ndau transaction input and output data, please see the TechDoc “ndau transactions and the ndau API.”

Here are some examples for querying the ndau blockchain using Python scripts and API endpoints.

ndau is a decentralized network since anyone can run a validator node. Use the /node/consensus endpoint to see the voting power of all validator nodes for the current block and to find your node’s entry via your validator node’s Tendermint Address.  You can also use the /node/consensus endpoint to determine the total number of validator nodes currently on the network.

Oneiro runs a subset of all validator nodes on the network, and all of Oneiro’s nodes have publicly available API ports.

Validator Nodes on MainNet managed by Oneiro:


Validator Nodes on TestNet managed by Oneiro:


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