Monday, March 27, 2023

Market Price: 0
Circulating Supply: 0
Market Capitalization: 0

Endowment: $26,032,586

Why are there 5 different ndau prices?

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  1. The Next Issue Price: The current price at which reserve ndau is sold according to the Next Issue Price schedule.
  2. The Sell (or ask) Price: The lowest price a seller is willing to sell ndau in the market (may vary across exchanges).
  3. The Market Price: The Market Maker takes into account observable Buy and Sell Prices and filled orders across the ecosystem and combines them into a single published Market Price.
  4. The Buy (or bid) Price: The highest price a buyer is willing to pay for ndau in the market (may vary across exchanges).
  5. The Floor Price: The Floor Price is derived from the valuation of the Endowment and the current amount of outstanding ndau in a way that enables resiliency from currency attacks and serves to induce long-term dependability and liquidity. The Floor Price is dynamically calculated by dividing the Endowment’s total current value by the total number of ndau in circulation and multiplying it by 50 percent.

You can see real-time prices on the ndau blockchain via this API call.

For more details, see Pricing: Next Issue, Sell, Market, Buy and Floor Prices.

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