Why is ndau in circulation greater than ndau issued?

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ndau in circulation (as seen on the ndau blockchain explorer) is the amount of ndau held by purchasers. This includes all ndau issued by the foundation, plus those earned from ecosystem alignment incentives, minus any ndau burned as a result of stability mechanisms (such as SIB) applied during market pressure.

ndau in circulation = issued + yields (EAI) – burned (SIB)

The number of ndau in circulation will exceed the number of ndau issued if there have been more ndau earned (yields) than burned. The maximum number of ndau that may be issued (aka “total supply“) is 30 million and the maximum limit to ndau in circulation (aka “max supply“) is 40 million.

ndau in circulation and ndau issued, as seen on the ndau blockchain explorer

You can also find the total amount of ndau in circulation as well as ndau burned and total ndau issued via the ndau API. See the /price/current ndau API endpoint documentation for details. Using the live /price/current API endpoint, you will see total ndau in circulation reported as the “totalNdau” value. Multiply this number by 10^-8 since it is returned via the API in “napu” (ndau’s version of “satoshi”).

1 napu = 1 x 10^-8 ndau (similar to how 1 satoshi = 1 x 10^-8 Bitcoin)

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