What happens when ndau reaches the max supply of 40 million ndau?

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Over many years, ndau will approach a “max supply” number of 40 million ndau in circulation (similar to Bitcoin’s 21 million max supply).  The amount of ndau in circulation will be greater than the amount of ndau released by 10 million, and the Endowment will have already released their total supply 30 million ndau for a final issue price of $524,288 per ndau.

Reaching the “max supply” number would mean no new ndau could be generated via EAI, but ndau’s economic system was designed to allow for adjustments in the future that could change this scenario. One example adjustment could be an increase in sinks in the economy. For example, over 238,000 ndau have already been burned (removed from circulation) via SIB protection as of 10/7/2022. In the future, new sinks could be created to remove more ndau from circulation, and an adjustment to EAI rates could also be implemented to reduce sources. A combination of adjustments to both sinks and sources in the economy could potentially prevent the 40 million max supply from ever being reached at all.

All potential ideas to help keep ndau’s economic model balanced are open for discussion, debate and voting on by all ndau holders via the BPC DAO as ndau’s future evolves.

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