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Learn more about the ndau wallet and download the latest version here.

What’s New

  • The user experience for setting up a recovery phrase has been improved.  Instead of a dropdown for word selection, we now use more helpful animations and buttons.
  • You can now contact support directly from the login screen, making it easier to get help before finishing your wallet setup. 
  • Users now receive pop-up alerts for any fees before any transactions are submitted.
  • Support added for 64-bit Android APKs and Hermes JavaScript, resulting in faster launching and smaller file sizes.
  • The ndau wallet can now “Scan for my accounts” in Settings.  The app will search the blockchain for any new or deleted accounts owned by you with non-zero balances and add them to your wallet. This also allows you to quickly recover any accounts that contain ndau that may have been created with other wallets.
  • To improve sharing, you can now copy the address of an account within the account details page via a Copy button. 
  • When contacting support, the UI has been streamlined and will send user reported information directly to our support portal via an API.  This also improves security, removing any reliance on the user’s email app.
  • Added additional logging support to address some customer issues found that could not yet be recreated in development.

Issues Addressed

  • Layout changes made to accommodate larger font sizes on phones.
  • Transaction fee calculations updated for improved accuracy.
  • Fixed a bug causing some users to have trouble communicating with the ndau blockchain, resulting in difficulty recovering their wallet or completing a transaction.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in inaccurate balance displays when switching between mainnet and testnet.
  • Fixed a bug where there was a possibility to send another transfer transaction if the first transfer transaction failed.

Open Issues

  • If very large fonts are enabled on your phone (via accessibility options), some elements of the ndau wallet may be difficult to read because of text formatting issues.  Until this issue is resolved, please decrease the size of your accessibility font.
  • There are some logo alignment and general rendering issues on the account details and wallet overview screens.  We’re working to resolve all of them.

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