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Similar to other digital currencies, all ndau transactions are subject to a small fee that supports the operation of the ndau network. These fees exist to provide incentives to node operators and to improve network robustness by discouraging transaction spamming.

Some of these transaction fees are variable. For example, the fee for a Transfer transaction is 0.1% of the amount of ndau being transferred (0.005 ndau minimum, 0.5 ndau maximum).

Fees are defined by a published fee schedule that is controlled by the BPC. In some cases, a fee’s value may be determined by a formula based on the fields in a transaction rather than being a scalar value. An address must have a sufficient balance to pay for the transfer fee and the amount being transferred. Accrued but uncredited EAI is not available for a transfer transaction, nor are any incoming transfers whose recourse periods have not expired and any staked amounts.

Certain service fees are also deducted from earned EAI. These EAI service fees are used to fund the continuous growth and operation of the ndau ecosystem

Here are examples of the specific fees incurred when a user completes common tasks in the ndau wallet app:

1) I’m sending ndau to an account.The following fees will be deducted from the Sending account:

  • Transfer fee (0.1% of amount, 0.005 ndau minimum, 0.5 ndau maximum)
  • SIB fee (a variable % of amount if SIB is currently in effect)

2) I’m creating a new account to receive ndau.
The first deposit received by a newly created account will cause the following fees to be deducted from the Receiving account:

3) I’m locking an account.
The following fees will be deducted from the account being locked:

4) I’m starting the countdown timer on an account that is already locked.
The following fee will be deducted from the locked account that is starting the countdown timer:


Below is a list of all fees for all transaction types. The values for these fees are not fixed and will be updated accordingly by the BPC as the value of ndau grows.

Transaction TypeFee Amount
SetValidation0.005 ndau + 0.0001 ndau/byte
ChangeValidation0.005 ndau + 0.0001 ndau/byte
CreateChildAccount0.005 ndau + 0.0001 ndau/byte
ReleaseFromEndowment0.1% of amount, 0.005 ndau minimum, 0.5 ndau maximum
Transfer0.1% of amount, 0.005 ndau minimum, 0.5 ndau maximum
TransferAndLockTransfer fee + 0.005 ndau
ChangeRecoursePeriod0.005 ndau
Delegate0.005 ndau
Lock0.005 ndau
Notify (Start Countdown Timer)0.005 ndau
CreditEAI0.005 ndau
ClaimNodeReward0.005 ndau
NominateNodeReward0.005 ndau
CommandValidatorChange0.005 ndau
RecordPrice0.005 ndau
SetSysvar0.005 ndau
SetRewardsDestination0.005 ndau
Unstake0.005 ndau
Issue0.005 ndau
RegisterNode1 ndau
UnregisterNode1 ndau
Stake1 ndau

See also: SIB fees and EAI service fees

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